Our Story Comes From Strong Tradition, Hard Work, And A Loving Family..

Walters Farms has been in the family since 1945.  It was purchased by Joe Walters’ dad, J.B. Walters, his mother, Catherine Walters, and J.B.’s uncle, Clyde Green.  They raised cotton for years, but much later raised beef cattle.  In the early years while they were still acquiring neighboring parcels, they lived in an old farmhouse that was already here.  They lived off the land, raised a big garden, got fresh milk directly from the cows, and, during season, hunted wild game, rabbits, squirrel, quail, & deer.  About 1958 they built the brick home that is now called The Catherine House, which is used for the brides and bridesmaids.


Catherine passed away in 1996, but J.B. continued to enjoy the farm until his death in October of 2011.  Until he had a stroke only a few months before his death, he made many, many trips riding over the farm.  When he found a problem, he was quick to let Joe or one of the boys know what needed to be fixed.


In 2003 most of the fields had more weeds than grass, and many of the fences were in total disrepair.  That’s when their son, Joe, along with his wife, Deloma, decided to rebuild and refurbish the farm and start a purebred Black Angus cattle business.  It took many months and a lot of hard work, but now the fields are abundant with green grass for grazing and for cutting hay.  As with any farm, it is an ongoing process, always a fence to mend, fertilizer to put out, and weeds to kill.  It is a labor of love for Joe & Deloma, just as it was for Catherine & J.B.!


The hope is that their two sons, Jason & Scotty, along with their wives Lara & Nicole, will continue to preserve and protect the family farm for J.B. & Catherine’s great grandchildren.  There are only the two great granddaughters now, Anne Frances and Catherine, daughters of Jason and Lara.


It was a little weird how the decision to build a wedding barn came about.  About August of 2012 a close friend suggested that our farm would be a beautiful location for a wedding venue, specifically a wedding barn.  It took a lot of planning before it was even seriously considered, but after a lot of consultations and picking the perfect place on the farm for the barn, the buildings were started in February of 2013, and finished just in time for Scotty and Nicole’s wedding to be held there on April 27th, 2013.  That date was very significant for them because in a round-about way the April 27th storms in 2011 brought them together.


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